Work at Home Technology Services – WiFi – Video Cameras – Cat6 Cabling – Audio

GISTEK Networks has specialized in hospitality and commercial services until Covid-19 hit. Like most people during Covid, I was searching for an AC guy and noticed Thumbtack had a technology section. We joined and got busy installing Cat6 Cable, WiFi, cameras, and audio upgrades mostly centered around integrated TV & home theatre. 

Our network clients were previously hotels, RV Parks, military, and schools. As people migrated home to work, they had more complex needs including being able to Zoom daily for meetings, and have reliable Internet services.
Having installed Wi-Fi and Video Surveillance at hundreds of hotels and businesses, we have honed our skills as geeks with power tools. 

The homes we have installed Cat6 cable, Ubiquiti, TP-Link, Cisco, data racks, video cameras and smart home components ranged in size from small condos to 12,000 sq feet.

Everyone has one thing in common, they want reliable Internet Services. We have serviced AT&T, Cox, Spectrum, Frontier and Starlink, improving and fixing open issues the carriers were not able to do. Many times we moved the carrier devices to a central part of the house or to the garage, installed in locking data rack with switches, routers and NVR’s.

GISTEK Networks serves Southern Cal and beyond

Our primary coverage area is So Cal, dispatching from Long Beach, San Diego and the Inland Empire. Our projects completed range from a 1921 home in Hollywood Hills where no walls were breached, new cabling and WiFi were installed, a 1956 remodel where all the electrical was replaced (by another contractor,) while we installed Cat6 throughout the sub floor and full WiFi covering the entire house. We have installed similar projects in Pasadena, Culver City, Marina Del Rey (4 Story Condo,) Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Escondido and throughout San Diego.

The Truth About Mesh Extender WiFi

Our most common inquiry is about, “WiFi doesn’t work.” “If i cant do reliable Zoom meetings, I will have to go back to the office.” With the change in work place, and how Covid has impacted family lives, many people and families have learned to function, working from home. The thought about going back to work for some of these people, is terrifying.

Understanding how “mesh” works will put you in a different perspective as to its usefulness. Developed before Covid, it was designed for basic connectivity for phones and text. Video, Streaming and Zoom weren’t in the plans. Instead of Cat 5 wires to connect to each device, mesh uses its own wifi signals to connect to the next node. It doesn’t matter whether you use Eero, Google, Orbi or Netgear, the results are the same. I will say some can be reconfigured away from mesh for better performance and if the house is the right size and configuration, mesh is a workable, economic solution. But when its not, we have commercial WiFi solutions that we guarantee always work.

What Our Clients Have to Say..

Peter and his wife bought a house in rural Escondido and are mid 30’s work at home entrepreneurs, with a new baby. Here is the review posted online on Thumbtack.

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Peter N.  
Nov 30, 2021  Hired on Thumbtack
A little bit of background on our project – my wife and I moved from downtown San Diego to rural Escondido and had our first child a few months ago. We’ve both worked from home since 2011 and strong connectivity is paramount to our day-to-day business operations. As millennials our house is littered with assorted new-gen gaming consoles, smart devices that control our security cams/lighting/irrigation, and 4/8k HDTV screens are pretty much everywhere including outdoor spaces. Our house was built in the 70’s and has of lots of brick / stucco that can murder a wi-fi signal. The connectivity in this rural area is a far cry from what we were used to from an urban setting, and every time I called COX for assistance they seemingly always made things worse. The connectivity in our house was a hodge-podge of modems/routers from previous owners and our best attempts to add additional Google mesh networks (if one network was down, maybe the others would at least be able to get us online) did pretty much nothing. Total mess of devices. By the end, we were having to take critically important business video calls from our phones because our work laptops couldn’t even hold a Zoom meeting. Our streaming devices were always buffering, or outright losing signals. Even Spotify and Pandora could barely get through a few tracks without losing signal. Whenever I had a moment to spend some quality time with my Playstation or Xbox, the lag made gaming an even more frustrating experience than it inherently is. Amidst the backdrop of a new baby in the house and 2020/21 in general, we were effectively going insane. And then I connected with Avery and his team, and as I reminded him constantly while he was working on our house – he *literally* changed our lives. As of this moment all of our Zoom/Teams calls are going perfectly. My work CRM system is operating faster than I have ever seen. Gaming-wise, thanks to the beauty of Cat6 installation I finally have the UL/DL speeds to defeat the ruthless 8 year old’s that populate the servers. All the 4k HDTVs in the house and associated streaming devices are operating at an optimal level. Even our baby-cam, which is supposedly not connected to wi-fi whatsoever, has seemingly extended ranges and never loses a signal no matter where we are in our house. The mess of modems and Google meshes has been consolidated into a singular system. Cat 6 now runs directly through our work computers and TVs, and we even have improved cell coverage from our Verizon extender due to the clean network environment. Overall, the combined solutions far exceeded the scope of our expectations and the fact that it’s all consolidated and managed from an iPhone app is all the better. All I wanted for Christmas was wi-fi and I definitely got it, plus more than I expected. So to my Thumbtack friends looking for better connectivity in an age of congested networks – this is it. End of the line, you’re done looking. This is the single-handedly the best solution to any and all of your network problems. My advice is to reach out now before he gets busier.
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Spectrum, Cox, Frontier, AT&T, Starlink – Carrier Services

As bandwidth demands increase, and homes need better Internet service, many turn to the carrier for answers only to find, the people coming out are trained in one thing only, just deliver a working cable or fiber modem. They turn on the WiFi, but fail to tell the owner, it will only work in a couple of rooms and usually just install in the easiest place they can find, generally not the most appropriate for best coverage. And in some cases the modems the carriers provide, don’t hit the top speeds.

Internet Services are the primary link to what we do, whether its cabling, WiFi, TV’s or simply just wanting better service. Networking is our base skill in order to deliver these much needed services for today’s age!

Video Surveillance Networks

Many people start with Nest and Ring cameras, soon realizing they need real cameras from popular companies like Lorex, Dahua and others. In many cases, we are upgrading cameras that simply wore out after 3 to 5 years. We are able to replace dead cameras, upgrade power supplies and replace NVRs, while keeping the working cameras on the new system. We have also installed many systems that simply outgrew NVR’s, installing up to 150 cameras on Tyco Exacq in hotels and RV Parks.

Smart Home Automation Products & Services

Many people start an install without knowing all that might be involved, need home network help, (we know Cox and Spectrum really well,) or find a critical part is needed and its not available at Home Depot or Best Buy. We can help. In many home installation instructions, there is that fatal bail out, “call an electrician.” We can help find an electrician in your area and we can do the explaining so you can make the electrical connection, we can then help make the network connection.
Starting with customers and our own homes we have designed and deployed many Smart Home Networks, for lights, thermostat, water, sound, entry and security with Apple and Droid controls from anywhere.

Smart Home Automation HELP

Our automation services will include “how to” videos, device and network planning, access to automation components not carried at Home Depot and traditional retail stores. One of the most popular electrical integration components is 3 way smart switching, one of the most frustrating installs for home owners. First, you can’t get all the parts from Home Depot; we can and will help you plan the necessary Z-Wave and Wi-Fi products from Leviton, Wink, Samsung Smart Things, Nest, GE, Sonos, Schlage, Kwikset, Chamberlain, B-Hyve and other “Smart” network components necessary to automate your home or business. We have converted old, yellowish ceiling lights, or non existent lights to the latest in LED and downlight technology with complete remote access.

Rating: 1 out of 5.